An Internet Negative

An Internet Negative

I love technology – especially the Internet and its many uses. I love how Facebook makes it possible to maintain contact with friends and classmates more frequently than a once-a-year Christmas card. I love seeing photos of pets, children, new homes, scenery and vacation spots of friends and family via sharing on Shutterfly. Facetime makes it possible for me to see the latest antics of our grandtwins!
Email ensures fast work of sharing important info with work colleagues and members of organizations I belong to. Online meetings save travel time and eliminate scary driving situations during this never-ending winter. Reading the news online is a daily happening, Pinterest is inspiring and don’t get me started on how many new recipes I can find online!
Ask me about life before and after the Internet and I would have heartily agreed now is better – until this week. For statewide 4-H events, online registration is the new norm. No more mailing reams of paper registrations – fill in the blanks, click enter and our young four-leaf clover person is good to go for the latest judging contest, livestock show, 4-H camp, etc. No, not happening that way. Character space for names seems to be limited so Samantha becomes Sam which can confusing for a ten-year-old. Time slots allow for only three people of a four person team to be entered. “Does that mean one has to stay home?”, I am asked. The web site is requesting a separate health form for each contest entered – even if they are all on the same date.
The glitches will be worked out and by next year, everyone will breeze through the process but for now the kids are confused and I am thinking of unfriending the Internet.

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