Not My Favorite Season

Not My Favorite Season

The warmer weather is a welcome change and though it is still unusually cold, the wind feels more like spring and less like the latest wind chill reading. In place of looming snow banks, puddles are appearing and so begins my annual obstacle course.
Towering height is not in my family’s gene pool and I missed some of even that limited amount of DNA. My Mom says one of my first self-initiated activities as a toddler was dragging a step stool around with me to better access some unreachable counter. Now as an adult, I own a variety of different types of ladders and still more step-stools but they are of little use for puddle season.
At this time of year, before the street sewer drains have thawed, the puddles extend out and out from the curb. They are far wider and longer than my legs can reach and so cut off some of my favorite avenues of travel. I access our curbside newspaper drop off box by driving through the puddle surrounding it. I reach our front door by parking in the driveway and walking down and around the corner of our corner lot. I drive around the block on which a favorite business is located to find a lone dry spot for a quick entrance and exit.
Like other North Dakotans, I am eager for green grass to replace white lawns but I do wish that on the way to summer, we could skip puddle season. My short legs would be very thankful.

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